Top 5 topics for Youtube earnings

Top 5 topics for Youtube earnings

There are many topics for Youtube but there is much competition in every here are top 5 topics to earn money from youtube.but it depends in which field you are interested. So i can only suggest you some topics and choose your own topic.

1. Personal vlog

Personal vlog could be a better choice for your YouTube channel in this topic there is not any big channel on YouTube. So you can start a channel on personal vlog. You should have a good camera smartphone and start recording your own daily routines and go to some places in which people would interest. You can go some famous places for vlogging like Taj Mahal , Red fort India gate and many more.

2. Gaming

Gaming is also now a good scope in YouTube. but there are many gaming channels. But you can start channel for some different games. Only you should interested in any game and start a YouTube channel on your favourite game. now pubg mobile lite is also be a good choice because everyone is playing pubg mobile and now pubg mobile lite is also available in india there are no much channel for pubg mobile lite. So you can start a pubg mobile lite gameplay channel. By gaming channels you can earn a decent money. So start a new gaming channel now.

3. Traveling

In these days everyone wants to travel for enjoy. but everyone does not have enough money for travelling. So you can start traveling channel. And show the famous places to people and earn money . You only need a good camera or a good smartphone and shoot the photos and videos wherever you go and share your experiences with people.

4. Repairing of electrical devices

If you have knowledge of repairing electronic devices then you start a channel on this topic. Even you don't have knowledge of repairing devices than you can learn repairing electronic devices in 3 or 4 months from any city. And then start sharing your knowledge. You can repair mobiles , earphones , headphones , speakers and many more devices. So this could be a better topic to grow on YouTube.

5. Unboxing and review of some different devices

There thousands of channel on smartphones and related devices so there is very much competition in Unboxing smartphones. But you can start Unboxing some different devices like juicer mixer, fans , air conditioner , refrigerators , water purifiers and many more products. In these topics your channel can grow easily.


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